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 2014-15 DE-PBS Phase Recognition 

This multi-phase system provides an opportunity to recognize schools that continue to grow and expand their PBS programs to support students across all three tiers.  This year, Phase 1: School-wide PBS, Phase 2: Advanced School-wide PBS, and Phase 3: Establishing Tier 2: Problem Solving Team are available.    

In addition to the applications, you will find Reflection Question Guides and FAQs listed for both Phases 1 and 2. The Reflection Question Guides are tools to support the team in crafting and reviewing the application reflection questions.  The guides map out the components of the multifaceted questions.  

After review of the applications and FAQ documents, if you have further questions please contact your district coaches or a DE-PBS staff member.  Thank you and good luck!

Phase 1: School-wide Phase 1 Positive Behavioral Support

Phase 1 – Application

Phase 1 – Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 1 – Reflection Question Guide


Phase 2: Advanced School-wide Phase 2 Positive Behavioral Support

Phase 2 – Application


Phase 3: Establishing Tier 2: Problem Solving Team

Phase 3 – Application

Phase 3 – Reflection Question Guide