DE-PBS Partners

Center for Disabilities Studies
Delaware Department of Education

DE-PBS schools who have completed all of the Universal Framework trainings and have established a strong school-wide PBS system should complete training in the targeted framework.

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Title Description
Targeted   Technical Assistance Workshop (½ day) Open to   Targeted Teams currently planning and implementing supports at Tier 2.The   content of the day are based on needs identified by implementing schools, such   as using data to identify students and progress monitor, ideas for   intervention options, communication with staff and families. Time also   provided for teams to meet and plan.

Targeted   Team Training: 1-day workshop Open to   Targeted/Problem Solving Teams (5-6 members) from schools implementing   School-wide PBS.Targeted/Problem-Solving Team Training supports schools to create a system   for implementing evidence-based tier 2 interventions. Participants will learn   how to develop the team, determine a process for identifying students in   need, implement the Behavior Education (check-in/check-out) program, and   identify skill building and relationship building interventions.Not offered annually