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Connections to Learning Project (DDOE)
The mission of this project is to effectively consolidate and deliver Delaware Department of Education services to districts, schools, and charter schools to create safe, caring and healthy learning environments.

DE School Climate and Discipline (DDOE)
The goal of the school climate and discipline program is to promote necessary components of a healthy school climate; to support learning and contribute to students’ health by minimizing distractions; physical, psychological, and social hazards; creating a climate in which students and school staff do their best work; expecting that all students can succeed; and implementing supporting policies. This goal is accomplished by having in place collaborative relationships, an effective evaluation process, technical assistance and resources to ensure that schools are designed to provide a safe, healthy, and supportive environment that fosters learning.


Positive Behavioral Support

Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

Association for Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support in High Schools: Monograph from the 2004 Illinois High School Forum of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Click Here to Download

State Training Teams

PBS Project (Florida)

Michigan Positive Behavior Support Network


Training Materials

Online Academy for Positive Behavioral Support (Oregon, Kansas)

School-Wide Information System (Oregon)