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Center for Disabilities Studies
Delaware Department of Education

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Support Plan Resources

DE-PBS FBA/BSP Form Packet: Process steps and forms compiled by Eileen Baker – Spring 2014 workshops

FBA/BSP Resources by Steps of Process:

Goal Setting, Problem Identification, and Baseline Data

Problem Analysis

Intervention Data

Behavior Support/Intervention Plan

Intervention and Reinforcement Ideas


Intervention Evaluation



Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Model:  A Tier 3 Behavior Intervention Process

PTR Part 1:

PTR Foundations PowerPoint Handout

—Step 1—Teaming: PTR Blank Forms-Step 1
Step 2—Goal Setting: PTR Blank Forms-Step 2
—Step 3—PTR Assessment: PTR Blank Forms-Step 3
—Step 4a—PTR Intervention Plan: PTR Blank Forms-Step 4a
Step 4b—Coaching/Fidelity: PTR Blank Forms-Step 4b
Step 5—Evaluation: PTR Blank Forms-Step 5


Additional Tools:

Intervention Tracking

Behavior Rating Scale Template and Graph

Good Behavior Game

Applied Behavior Analysis Glossary

Reflecting on 3 Tiers


PTR 2011-2012 (LAST YEAR’S Workshops):

PTR Powerpoint Handout 11-29

Case Study and Exercise- Answer Key

PTR Day Two Presentation: Advanced Behavior 4.19