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Tier 2: Targeted Tools

Multi-tiered interventions are your alternatives to suspension and expulsion.

Tier 2 Data Tracking Tools:

Newest versions!!

Tier 2 Intervention Tracking Tool – BLANK
Schools can use this document to track the number of students receiving and responding to all Tier 2 interventions.  Schools put in data each month and graphs are generated by month and by intervention.

Tier 2 Intervention Tracking – With Sample Data
This document shows what the tracking tool looks like with data filled in across months and interventions.

Tutorial – Tier 2 Intervention Tracking Tool
This PowerPoint breaks down the steps of using the tracking tool and explains what information is generated by the data.

Oldies but Goodies!!

Targeted Data Tracking and Graphing Tool
Schools can use this document to track the number of students receiving Tier 2 interventions.  Schools can use this to track daily and weekly performances of students, as well group trends. Weekly comparisons are also generated by this tool.

Targeted Data Tracking and Graphing Tool  – User Guide
This document provides users with more information about: Getting Started, Entering Your Students’ Data, Reviewing Calculations and Graphs, and Troubleshooting.













Quick List and Links to Tier 2 Resources


Extended List and Descriptions of Tier 2 Resources with Links

Resource Description How to Use This Resource
Participant PowerPoint for Targeted Tier 2 Training  This PPT outlines the basic components of an effective Tier 2 or Targeted system of behavior support in a school. These components are based on existing research, best-practices literature, and feedback from targeted teams in DE-PBS schools. District Coaches and Teams can use this PPT to review concepts covered in Targeted PD.
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) –  Template and Sample Schools can use this template to identify areas of strength and need within their Universal (Tier 1) , Targeted (Tier 3), and Individualized (Tier 3)  behavior and/or academic programming and/or interventions. Teams can use template and sample to outline their multi-tiered system of behavior support for planning or sharing purposes.
PD Activity Packet This reflection packet gives Targeted (Tier 2) teams, including administrator(s), the opportunity to examine existing data and targeted resources at their school to determine what changes are needed in their Tier 2 activities in order to align them with the needs of their specific schools. District Coaches and Teams can use document to plan improvements to current Tier 2 system.
Teacher’s Request for Assistance This brief form is a sample template that Targeted (Tier 2) teams can request teachers to fill-out when requesting Tier 2 and/ or 3 support for a student who is exhibiting an academic or behavioral concern. Teams can use this sample to create their own “Request for Information” forms for Tier 2 and/or 3 interventions.
Parent/Guardian Request for Assistance Form This brief form is a sample template that Targeted (Tier 2) teams can request parents/ guardians to fill-out when requesting Tier 2 and/ or 3 support for a child who is exhibiting an academic or behavioral concern. Teams can use this sample to create their own “Request for Information” forms for Tier 2 and/or 3 interventions.
Tier 2 Booklet – Sample This sample booklet provides Targeted (Tier 2) teams with a template to use/model their Tier 2 booklets. It includes an overview of Tier 2 programming at the school, lists and descriptions of current Tier 2 interventions, and additional Tier 2 information. Teams can use this sample to create their own Tier 2 Booklet for their school.
Sample Report from the Tier 2 Tracking Tool This report shows how data entered into the new Tier 2 tracking tool (in Excel) prints for teams. Teams can print out data entered in the form of a table or graph, by intervention or by month. There is a tutorial on the website. District Coaches and Teams can see how the tracking tool prints across the different report formats.
Sample Tier 2 Meeting Agendas This document provides example agendas for two sequential meetings during which a Targeted (Tier 2) team pointedly holds systems-related and problem-solving conversations. Teams can use these samples to determine how to structure their own Tier 2 teams monthly.
Tier 2 Student Interview This is a template of an interview form students who are entering a targeted intervention can fill-out to help the intervention facilitator better understand the student’s issues related to curriculum, instruction, and/or behavior issues, as well as the student’s subject preference and learning styles. Tier 2 intervention coordinators and/or facilitators can use this with students entering a Tier 2 intervention.
Initial Training Checklist It is recommended that schools provide some level of information and/or training to staff, students and families in regard to all available targeted interventions. This packet includes sample and blank checklist templates that teams can use. Teams can use helpful sample checklists to organize their Tier 2 training efforts
Targeted Interventions This document outlines a variety of evidence-based interventions to address students’ Tier 2 level behaviors of concern and the function(s) of those behaviors. Each intervention is described in detail. Administration and teams may use this document to determine what new Tier 2 interventions to invest in and why.
Tier 2 Intervention Rating Form This form helps schools to easily measure the feasibility of implementation, benefit of students with behavior problems, willingness of staff to implement, and team opinions of the specific intervention. Teams can critically examine important characteristics of any current or future Tier 2 interventions.
Asset Mapping by Intervention & Asset Mapping by People These tools help to identify interventions currently in place and help determine the following: 1. How are resources being used and/or what resources are needed for current Tier 2 interventions? 2. How well are current interventions addressing the function of Tier 2 student behaviors? Teams can use these asset mapping tools to better identify how appropriate and supported current Tier 2 interventions are in the school.
10 Critical Features This document contains a list of important points for Targeted (Tier 2) teams to remember when building and/or restructuring their team discussions and building and/or restructuring their Tier 2 interventions. It is recommended that schools use this checklist when considering new Tier 2 interventions and/or evaluating existing interventions.
Implementation Integrity Checklist This document contains a template checklist that teams can use to assess the implementation integrity of various interventions. Teams can fill in the checklist according to the intervention being assessed.