DE-PBS Partners

Center for Disabilities Studies
Delaware Department of Education

2012-2013 Annual DE-PBS Celebration

Celebrating Secondary Successes with DE-PBS

Lights, Camera, DE-PBS Action!

April 23, 2013

8:30AM – 3:30 PM

DelTech, Room 727

Dover, DE

This year’s celebration event is focused on secondary schools but we welcome those who work at other grade levels to attend.  We will also have a student-focused strand and encourage schools to bring students in grade 7 and above.  Here is a quick preview of the day’s events:

The day will begin with all participants viewing the documentary, Who Cares about Kelsey, and a Q & A session with Kelsey Carroll and Kathy Francoeur, one of the counselors who supported her.

  • From 11:00 am to 12:15 pm there will be two options for our celebration attendees (outlined below).

Option 1.  An Interactive Student Session:

This session is for youth (grades 7+) and educators who are interested in strategies to empower students and develop student leadership and self-advocacy skills.   The facilitator will share a planning process to help students identify the characteristics of their dream school.  Students will discuss ways to use their dream school visions to improve their SWPBS program.

Option 2.  A Secondary Panel Presentation:

In this session, educators will learn about effective practices for implementing School-wide PBS from Delaware middle and high schools.  Topics will include how to effectively engage students, support student leadership, and implement other individual and unique PBS components in a secondary school.

  • Lunch will be provided on-site for all and at 1:00 pm we will have an optional dismissal time for students.
  • There will be an afternoon session with Kathy Francoeur sharing PBS implementation strategies across the three tiers in secondary schools.
  • Planning time will be provided for teams to discuss how they might apply ideas learned at the conference to their own DE-PBS programming.

  Requirements for Schools Bringing Students to the Celebration

  • Student registration required (registration can be complete online or paper).
  • Student supervision required; Student misbehaviors, if they arise, will be handled by their school’s staff.
  • Permission slips are the responsibility of schools.
  • Transportation for all students attending this celebration is the responsibility of their schools.

Talking Points about the Film

As you construct a student permission slip for your students to attend this celebration, you may want to reference some of the information and/or links below regarding the film “Who Cares for Kelsey” for families to review.

The main website for this documentary is:

Excerpts from the film can be found at:

Film includes mature themes/topics:

  • Themes /Topics Discussed Related to Secondary Students
    • Classroom Defiance
    • Dropping-out
    • Self-mutilation
    • ADHD/ADHD Medication
    • Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Drug Use
    • Cursing*
  • Themes /Topics Discussed Related to Parents
    • Alcoholism
  • Themes /Topics Discussed Related to Family
    • Homelessness
    • ADHD

*Please note: There is profanity in this film; however, during our screening of the film at the celebration, we will have all but one “curse” word “bleeped out” in the audio and captions. The one exception is the word “bitch”, which is used in the film and cannot be bleeped out of the audio or captions. It appears that the producers of the film did not consider this to be a “curse” word so it remains intact on all versions of the DVD.


Some articles related to this film include:

Additional helpful websites:

Film Synopsis from the Institute on Disability (UCED, University of New Hampshire):

Film Goals from the Institute on Disability (UCED, University of New Hampshire):

Interviews with Filmmaker Dan Habib